Ceiling Centres

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MWCR19 £75.00 (+VAT)

Diameter: 720mm

MWCR20 £45.00 (+VAT)

Diameter: 370mm

MWCR21 £45.00 (+VAT)

Diameter: 410mm

MWCR22 £45.00 (+VAT)

Diameter: 270mm

MWCR23 £205.00 (+VAT)

Diameter: 1200mm
Centre diameter: 180mm

MWCR24 £55.00 (+VAT)

Diameter: 790mm

MWCR25 £280.00 (+VAT)

Diameter: 1230mm
Centre diameter: 100mm

MWCR26 £55.00 (+VAT)

Diameter: 350mm
Centre diameter: 90mm

MWCR27 £65.00 (+VAT)

Diameter: 390mm
Centre diameter: 120mm

Ceiling Centres

The Bespoke Cornice Ceiling Centre/Rose Collection is a true representation of original Ceiling Centres, with most being taken from residences in and around London and the South East area, dating back to the 18th century.

We are also constantly adding new Designs to our collection. This is why Bespoke Cornice Ceiling Centres are often the first choice for Private Clients, Designers and Architects.